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Telling children about divorce and child custody

For any married couple in Tennessee, the decision to have children is a major event that requires planning and consideration. The same decision-making process is ideal when the parents decide to part ways and go through the divorce. A parenting plan will be put in place to determine child custody and what is most suitable for the child or children.

Recently, some experts have stressed the importance of taking the time to talk to children about the ongoing divorce. Depending on their age, most children are seriously affected by a divorce. It is hard to comprehend that they will no longer have a single household, and they children can often become stressed from any arguments or disputes that are going on between their parents.

When it comes time to tell a child or children that their parents are divorcing, the spouses should discuss between themselves who should tell them, when should they tell and how much should they know. In some cases it might be better if both parents tell the children together so they can ask both of them questions and both parents can understand how the process is and will affect them.

Once the children understand what is going on, the next step is to discuss living arrangements and how the child custody plan will work. It is important that parents try to not disrupt the child’s normal routine. Moving into a new home, going to a new school and having to make friends could be very stressful, and if that can avoided, most judges will award primary custody to parents who are able to maintain normalcy and a routine in the child’s life.

Even when a parenting plan is agreed to, divorced parents should understand that it could be modified. Ensuring each parent has enough visitation right is important because it is in the best interest of the child to see both parents equally.

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