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December 2013 Archives

Father fighting for primary custody of his daughter

Many fathers in Montgomery, Tennessee, struggle to establish paternity and gain primary custody of their child. In many cases, child custody is primarily awarded to the mother, keeping in sync with the "tender years doctrine" that states it is in the child's interest to be with the mother. However, fathers' rights have also evolved, and nowadays, courts decide parental custody based on the best interests of the child.

Father attempts international abduction of his children

Custody disputes in Montgomery, Tennessee, can occur between parents that live either in the same or different states. There are also cases where the two parents live in different countries altogether. These custody battles, which cross national boundaries, can take a heavy toll on both the parents and their children.

Guardian Angels founder unable to pay child support post-divorce

People in Montgomery, Tennessee, may have come across a recent report by the U. S. census bureau that says that nationwide, more than $14 billion is owed for child support. Factors contributing to this situation include the unstable economy as well as some of the natural disasters that have swept across the United States in the past few years. The result is that many children and their single-parents are struggling to make ends meet.

Property division in Tennessee divorces-proceed with caution

Consider the case of a woman in Tennessee, whose marriage is coming to a premature end. There is no doubt that she is going through considerable difficulty and stress while taking care of the divorce proceedings, which is perhaps exacerbated by complex issues like property division. While tackling all the financial considerations, including differentiating between an equitable division of assets, distinguishing between marital and non-marital property and taking into account the different bank accounts and retirement accounts, valuation of assets can prove to be a rather tiring experience. Nonetheless, it is an essential one to ensure the divorcing couple's future financial stability.

Jack White and ex come to property division agreement

One of the first things Tennessee residents may think of when divorce comes to mind is property division. In the media and popular culture, property division is one of the more commonly portrayed aspects of divorce -- which is understandable, because dividing assets can be a potentially drama-filled affair. Not all property division have to transpire in the way the media is so fond of portraying, though, and with a sound divorce strategy couples have a chance at a smooth and amicable splitting up of assets.

Military divorce in Tennessee has legal, personal dimensions

Servicemembers and their families here in Montgomery know that military life is different than civilian life in numerous ways. For example, when one spouse is on active duty and deployed, the challenges faced by the spouse remaining home are unique. In the same vain, when a military couple makes the decision to go through a military divorce, the process and considerations are also distinct, as can be the emotional impact.

Unpaid child support has reached $14 billion

People in Montgomery, Tennessee, may be shocked to learn about the amount of money due to the children of divorced parents. Often, a separation after a failed marriage can result in a custody dispute over the child. While going through a divorce or a paternity proceeding, it is important to keep in mind the future and well-being of the child. In many cases, it is the money that the custodial parent receives as child support that ensures a secure and hopeful future for the child or children.

Fair division of marital property is the key to peaceful divorce

Most people in Montgomery, Tennessee, would agree that going through a divorce is never easy when it comes to a person's emotional stability. Additionally, most separating couples also have to deal with the demands and negotiations of the spouse in relation to property, child custody, relocation and alimony, among other things. Although most aspects of a divorce like alimony, child custody and visitation rights are long term, one issue that can be resolved once and for all at the time of separation is asset division.

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