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Lack of prenuptial agreement increases property division anxiety

| Jan 8, 2014 | Property Division

An unfortunate truth in landscape of love is that it can end in a much more messy fashion than how it began. While no Tennessee residents ostensibly enter a marriage with that type of end (or any) in mind, the legal rigors of a divorce can unleash a deluge of stress on an individual in many different ways, one of which being property division between spouses. While it may be an uncomfortable topic to broach in the early stages of a budding marriage, a prenuptial agreement can serve as a major source of comfort should there be an unfortunate break. A stressful situation one celebrity is reportedly experiencing firsthand.

Tori Spelling, a media icon thanks to her breakout role in the massively popular ’90s drama “Beverly Hills, 90210,” is said to be in the midst of a marriage crisis due to her husband, Dean McDermott, allegedly wanting a divorce. As allegations of McDermott cheating on Spelling swirl, the couple’s possible split could be a huge financial blow to the actress, as there was no prenuptial agreement signed when the two married in 2006. Sources have noted that, while McDermott offered to do so, Spelling declined out of a conviction that McDermott was her “soul mate” and a prenuptial agreement would be unnecessary.

While hard economic realities are probably not the most comfortable matters to discuss before a marriage, a prenuptial agreement can actually set the foundation for a stronger future relationship for a Tennessee couple. With both spouses knowledgeable of each other’s financial status, any major disputes over money or assets can be settled ahead of time. However, should a divorce be the ultimate end of the union, a prenuptial agreement can also help to protect a number of different assets, including inheritances, artwork, business assets and more, easing the anxiety of legal and financial logistics.

Like Spelling, some Tennessee residents may one day feel the stressful consequences of a potentially failing marriage without a prenuptial agreement, which are all the more magnified given the heartbreak involved. No marriage begins with an end in mind, but it’s important to understand that a prenuptial agreement can actually begin the union with a more open and honest foot forward.

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