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Tennessee Court directs musician to provide child support

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2014 | Child Support

When a marriage ends, both parties suffer from a considerable degree of distress and trauma at the irretrievable breakdown of their relationship. The situation becomes even more acute if the marriage has produced children and a dispute arises around issues such as primary child custody and child support. In addition, if one or both parents are celebrities or considerably well-off their custody dispute can become even more complex.

In determining the type and amount of child support during a divorce, the best interests of the child always need to be kept in mind as well as whether the child will be subject to joint custody, with one parent acting as the primary residential parent. Even the relative incomes earned by the father and the mother may be a factor that needs to be considered.

A case in point may be the recent divorce between a renowned musician and his wife, herself a model, which took place in a Tennessee divorce court. While the wife was declared to be the primary residential parent for their two children, the husband was also given considerable time with them. With regard to the division of assets, the husband retained all the rights over his musical creations, recording projects and performances. Although he was exempted from paying alimony, he was still ordered by the court to provide a monthly sum of $3,200 as child support. The health insurance costs for the children were also directed to be borne by the father as well.

This case is a prime example of how the process of divorce can lead to child custody disputes and judicial creation or modification of child support arrangements, in the state of Tennessee or elsewhere. In order to safeguard one’s interests and to secure the child’s future, a parent may seek proper and reliable legal advice from a competent legal professional on this topic.

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