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Noncustodial parents defaulting on child support rounded up

For many custodial parents in Montgomery, Tennessee, and the rest of the country, money received as child support plays a vital role in ensuring that expenses toward the upbringing of a child are adequately met. However, when the support payments are not made on time, it not only causes problems for the custodial parent, but it may also lead to trouble for those who are behind on their obligations.

Recently, a county sheriff's office in another state conducted a child support roundup in which seven people, each of whom had defaulted on child support payments, were arrested. According to reports, deputies enforced 60 arrest warrants related to child support.

However, those arrested are not facing criminal charges and were simply asked to pay their child support in order to be released from custody. The arrestees were also warned that any failure to clear up all delinquent payments will lead to additional time in jail for being in contempt of a judicial order.

Readers should keep in mind that a divorce decree, including the child custody and child support orders contained therein, is a binding legal document. This means if a former spouse does not abide by a parenting plan or does not pay child support, the custodial parent is entitled to take legal action against the other.

Although some defaulters are negligent, others are victims of circumstances that force them to fall behind on their payment schedules. They may have lost their job or relocated to another city or state.

In Tennessee, those who are struggling to meet their child support obligations may choose to consult with an attorney who may be able to help them modify child support or child custody arrangements.

Source: Sun Sentinel, "Broward Sheriff's Office conducts child-support roundup," Erika Pesantes, Feb. 6, 2014

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