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Service members’ husbands lack support; divorce rates rise

| Apr 2, 2014 | Military Divorce

People of Montgomery, Tennessee should be aware of the numerous compromises that members of the United States military make in order to ensure the safety of the country. In many cases, while the service members are able protect the country from danger, they are unable to save their marriage from falling apart.

In recent years, military divorce rates among female service members is almost three times their male counterparts. This is a significant number, considering that 15 percent of the U.S. military’s active deployment force is comprised of women. The percentage is expected to increase to 25 percent within the next decade.

According to reports, military husbands feel the same kind of pressure that military wives feel but the support that the female spouses get is often lacking for the male counterparts. Although there are a number of groups that address the issues of military spouses, many military husbands find them more inclined toward catering to the needs of military wives.

However, an online organization called Macho Spouse has recently been addressing the issues that military husbands typically face. It is an online forum created by men for men. It was created by a military husband who could not find support for some specific male problems.

Montgomery residents would agree that military life is dissimilar to normal civilian life as the challenges that the service members and their spouses face in keeping their marriages and families intact is unlike the challenges faced by civilian couples.

However, when a military marriage does fall apart, it comes with a lot of complications. During a military divorce, both spouses need to understand the various state and federal laws that are applicable to service members and their spouses, so as to understand the best possible option to protect their interests.

Since matters pertaining to military divorce can be a confusing combination of retirement and medical benefits, it may be a wise choice for a service member or his or her spouse to consult an attorney, who is experienced in handling clients who are going through a military divorce.

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