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A combined $612K in unpaid support leads to man’s arrest

Undoubtedly, many Tennessee residents either pay or receive financial support from former spouses or partners that is intended to help raise children after divorce. Custodial parents in particular understand the importance of receiving support payments on time. Many noncustodial parents might realize it too, but for some reason fail to meet their responsibilities. Monthly payments may be relatively small, but when unpaid they can make for serious financial problems for a custodial parent.

In early May, a 51-year-old man from another state was arrested and held in a third state for failing to pay spousal support and child support amounting to $452,000 to his ex-wife, according to prosecutors. The man also faces federal charges for failing to pay $160,000 in child support for the couple’s three children.

Both the state and federal charges note that at the same time the man owed the large amounts of unpaid spousal and child support, he and his second wife were wheeling and dealing in properties in the state where he was arrested and had even built a house worth more than half a million dollars.

A joint investigation led to a federal indictment and then the man’s arrest. He is currently in jail pending payment of $25,000 in bail.

Under both federal and Tennessee laws, violating child-custody orders is a serious offense and can lead to prison. Sometimes, though, life presents genuine reasons for a noncustodial parent to fall behind or be unable to pay the support required by a court. In these cases, it may be a wise decision to approach the court and ask for a modification of the child-support orders.

Source: WESH, “Fla. businessman held in NY for not paying $452K in child, spousal support,” May 29, 2014


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