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Reality star fights for child custody against estranged husband

| Jun 13, 2014 | Child Custody and Visitation

Whether in Tennessee or elsewhere or between celebrities or commoners, one of the major issues that surfaces after a divorce is the dispute over the custody of the child born out of the marriage. Sadly, during the child custody battle, many parents tend to forget that their focus should remain on the best interests of the child. All too often focus is instead on gaining one-upmanship over the other parent, which, in turn can have an adverse emotional effect on the child.

Many people in Clarksville may have heard about the ongoing child custody dispute between reality star, businesswoman, and author Betheny Frankel and her estranged husband Jason Hoppy over their 4-year-old daughter. According to reports, Frankel wants primary custody of their daughter while Hoppy wants joint custody.

The couple separated in 2013. Ever since the couple has been embroiled in a child-custody dispute. Frankel recently testified in a New York court stating that things got ugly after the divorce. Frankel said that her estranged husband threatened to destroy her and her publicist and taunted her by saying that Frankel could never appreciate healthy familial relationships.

Hoppy’s lawyer countered by saying that Frankel was self-obsessed and was using the child as a prop to further her own career. The lawyer also stated she had a complete disregard for Hoppy’s parental rights.

Frankel rebutted saying that Hoppy was enjoying the spotlight and was vengeful over his family and daughter. Frankel also stressed that Hoppy allegedly grew verbally abusive after the separation and changed their daughter’s diet without Frankel’s knowledge. She also alleged that Hoppy took their daughter to religious services without consulting her, which was apparently a clear violation of an agreement that the couple made before separating.

When a child custody dispute gets as complicated as this, chances of a child’s best interests being protected drops significantly. What parents need to do is keep calm and focus on the best possible parenting arrangement to benefit their child in the long run. Since many parents are overwhelmed with emotions during a dispute over child custody, consulting a family law attorney may help them make the right decisions to ensure the child’s well-being.

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