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Responsible fatherhood grants can help Tennessee fathers

| Jul 24, 2014 | Fathers' Rights

Many Tennessee residents may understand that according to the Claims Resolution Act of 2010, the federal government provides $150 million every year to various agencies to promote healthy marriages and fatherhood. Of the total amount, $75 million is dedicated to activities that promote fatherhood. The Responsible Fatherhood Programs are monitored by the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children & Families’ Office of Family Assistance.

Although such programs are in place in every state in the United States, many fathers in Tennessee still face various challenges when attempting to be there for their children. However, thanks to the Responsible Fatherhood Grant Programs, many fathers are now trying to find an avenue that could bridge the gap between them and their children. With the help of the various Responsible Fatherhood Programs, fathers now have the opportunity to ensure that an ongoing child custody dispute with an estranged wife does not violate the fathers’ rights and makes it as easy on the children as possible.

For instance, Faith in Fathers is one such program that is helping fathers in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. According to a spokesperson from the group, the grant program started after it became apparent that many juveniles who appeared in court were without their father. The figures were as high as 80 percent by September 2011. The group has been successful in helping many low-income fathers to reconnect with their children. Interestingly, some fathers who approached Faith in Fathers were as young as 16.

Some people believe that fathers are unable to spend time with their child because the mother is unwilling to let the fathers maintain their relationship with their children. However, a father, whether he is married or unmarried, has the right to parent his child, provided that his presence does not detrimentally affect the best interests of the child in any way. Therefore, it may be a wise decision for a father to seek guidance from an experienced family law attorney to ensure that he has the opportunity to be involved in raising his children.

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