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International adoptions and Tennessee parents

A couple from Tennessee who wishes to adopt a child from abroad must deal with a number of state, federal and international regulations that govern international adoptions. Per existing practices, a child from abroad is usually adopted within their original country and then is “re-adopted” once the family has returned to the United States. Upon return, formalities within the state’s requirements need to be completed to finalize the adoption.

In most cases of international adoptions, adoption agencies, approved by the U.S. Department of State, play an important role. As mentioned earlier, the children are first adopted in their own country after which the prospective parents are required to obtain a special immigration visa for the adopted child.

Since every state’s adoption laws are unique and the United States maintains varying forms of relationships with various countries, the amount of time and effort required to finalize an adoption may greatly differ. Therefore, an in-depth understanding of state and federal laws pertaining to adoption becomes very important for prospective parents. As such, at this juncture, assistance from an experienced family law attorney can prove to be extremely beneficial. Lawyers can help prepare parents at different stages of the process. They can help with all the legal requirements the parents need before they leave the United States to meet the child, and, upon the parents’ return, they can help make sure they have all the proper documentation to adopt the child back in their home state.

With all necessary documentation in place, parents can then look forward to providing the child with a healthy and happy life and, in the process, infuse some more happiness into their own lives. For more information, visit our international adoptions page.


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