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Tennessee man had to pay child support twice

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2014 | Child Support

Tennessee residents can often agree that children are affected the worst during divorces. Not only do they face the emotional turmoil of their family breaking apart, but the custodial parent may also face financial insecurities as well. Who will cater to the children’s expenses, including food, clothing, schooling and medical expenses? These are the questions that haunt many people’s minds when families break up.

In the best interests of the child, there should be no dispute about child support. But what happens when a father is double billed for payments? This is what happened in the case of a man when he took up part-time employment after his current wife had to leave her job.

He already works as a welder and his child support payments of $105.46 are deducted from this pay check. Now, since he took up the part-time position, the state also started deducting additional child support from this pay check. For two weeks’ work, an amount of $190 has been deducted from his part time position. In total, the man is obligated to pay $457 per month as child support. This translates to $105 per week.

The man admits that it is his responsibility to pay child support for his child. But deducting child support twice is not necessary and has created a financial hardship. Now the child support office has issued a stop order to resolve the issue.

If there is ever a debate as to the amount owed, or if a child support payor believes that the person is being double-billed for the child support payment, the person may want to seek advice.

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