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A lawyer can help protect a Tennessee fathers’ rights

| Oct 29, 2014 | Fathers' Rights

Father’s rights in Tennessee and the rest of the nation have not been regarded as an important matter. Historically, men have been on the receiving end of unequal treatment in the courts when it comes to family law issues.

However, gone are those days when things were as grim as the “tender years doctrine,” which stated that it was best for a child to be with his or her mother. Courts have become more accepting and open towards the best possible outcome for a child, even if it means that the child’s father is given primary custody. Today, father’s rights have finally started to gain the significance they should have had a long time ago.

In recent times, courts have started conducting a best interest analysis, which is an evaluation of the unique circumstances of every individual case. While conducting such an analysis, the court goes so far as to take into consideration which parent takes the children to the doctor for their regular checkups, which parent accompanies them during their extracurricular activities and which parent helps them with homework.

With the intermixing of gender roles, and the increasing acceptance of gender equality in today’s society, it is difficult for anyone to completely deny a father his rights for visitation and custody if he deserves it. A father should seek expert guidance and consult with an experienced professional when he intends to assert his parental rights. For more information, please visit our website. You will undoubtedly find the information useful. Being armed with information that is applicable to your particular situation can be tremendously helpful and productive.


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