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Tennessee man dances in bank to celebrate end of alimony payments

| Nov 7, 2014 | Property Division

Along with the child-centric aspects of divorce, such as child custody and child support, monetary issues, such as alimony and property division, are also a highly contested area. Couples often spend a considerable amount of time, energy and money before reaching an agreement over these issues either in court or outside of it. What a judge rules or what the mutual agreement states must be followed by both spouses.

Recently, a 54-year-old man from Memphis, Tennessee, celebrated the end of one such court order in a unique style. According to reports, the man was in a bank to make his final alimony payment to his wife of 12 years, a monthly amount of $825. This was the last of the 12 payments that he made, which amounted to a total of $10,000 over the course of a year. Soon after making the final payment, the man broke into a dance right in the middle of a Bank of America branch. Other customers at the bank watched as he sang and danced to celebrate the end of his alimony commitments.

The man was happy and said that he is proud of not being a “deadbeat” and that he had worked very hard in the past one year to meet his obligations. Reportedly, the man is an insurance agent and a musician and works 60 hours per week. However, this was not his last visit to the bank over divorce obligations. He is supposed to pay for his ex-wife’s utility bills for one more month and her car and insurance for another year, which amounts to approximately $500. However, he promised that after those obligations are over he would break into a dance once again.

This could be looked at as an example of a well-drafted divorce settlement, which clearly stated the rights and responsibilities of both separating spouses. Such decrees result in an amicable split but also ensure that both spouses fulfill their obligations. Usually, such smooth divorces require a cordial relationship between the spouses and a solid understanding of the divorce laws that are related to property division and alimony, which an experienced attorney may be able to provide.

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