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Basketball star’s paternity lawsuit reaches favorable resolution

| Dec 5, 2014 | Fathers' Rights

In modern times, many men in Tennessee and the rest of the country are asserting their fathers’ rights in an effort to preserve their relationship with children. Fathers are not only trying to spend as much time as possible with their children through court-approved visitation plans but are also taking efforts toward obtaining permanent custody of their children.

A recent example of a father asserting his parental rights is Paul George, an NBA player for the Indiana Pacers.. According to reports, George recently settled a paternity lawsuit with the mother of his infant daughter, Daniela Rajic, in New York City. Apparently, George wanted to parent his daughter since the time she was born, but Rajic had some reservations. The legal battle, which ensued over George’s parental rights, began in April when their daughter was born.

Reports state that the couple has reached a joint parenting agreement along with child support and other financial obligations. Rajic, along with her daughter, would move out of their present residence and relocate to a new home in the New York City area so that George is able to spend sufficient time with his daughter. George’s attorney did not disclose complete details of the joint parenting arrangement and support obligations but did mention that George always wanted to play an important role in his daughter’s upbringing and the new arrangement is certain to provide the child with a healthy and happy life.

Establishing paternity and parental rights is one of the most important aspects of fathers’ rights. Still, many fathers are unable to exercise this right due to a multitude of reasons. Therefore, if a father wishes to establish his paternity and protect his parental rights like Paul George did, he may consider consulting a legal professional. With the help of the attorney’s adept understanding of Tennessee family laws, it may be possible for a father to protect his rights and provide the child with a stable family life.

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