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Developing a comprehensive parenting plan in Tennessee

Divorce is never easy, especially when there are children involved. Two people may choose to part ways because of irreconcilable differences and lead a better life, but a divorce can have long-term detrimental effects on the children of the divorcing couple if proper care is not taken to protect their best interest. That is where a comprehensive parenting plan comes into the picture. An earlier blog post discussed how Tennessee courts define a parenting plan and the objective of that plan. In a nutshell, an adequate parenting plan must protect a child’s best interests under all foreseeable circumstances.

According to Tennessee laws, child custody consists of two types: “legal” custody, where a parent has the right to make decisions on behalf of the child; and “physical” custody, which states where the child will reside after divorce. In some cases, one parent may have both legal and physical custody, which is known as”sole” or “full” custody. The other parent may only have visitation rights. It is also possible that both parents are awarded “physical” as well as “legal” custody. In such cases, it is known as “joint” or “shared” custody. In all child custody cases, the decision of the court is aimed at protecting a child’s best interests.

After the court’s ruling, parents need to chalk out a parenting plan which complies with the court’s ruling, protects a child’s best interests and at the same time, protects a parent’s rights toward his or her child. A parenting plan includes a detailed schedule that mentions how much time a child will spend with a particular parent. The purpose of the parenting plan is to provide the child with a stable life and prevent the possibilities of future conflicts between separated parents over child custody and visitation.

In recent times, shared parenting is being encouraged across the country. Therefore, a parenting plan has gained significant importance. The Law Office of Steven C. Girsky has significant experience in handling matters related to child custody and visitation in Clarksville and the rest of Montgomery County. Utilizing its ability to develop an in-depth understanding of a parent’s unique set of circumstances, the Law Office of Steven C. Girsky can help you and your estranged spouse draw up a comprehensive parenting plan that will not only protect your child’s best interests, but also your own as well.


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