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Grandparent adoption can help protect a Tennessee child

| Jan 26, 2015 | Child Custody and Visitation

A parent’s love and affection for their children is probably the strongest bond of the parent-child relationship. The unconditional love that parents provide is irreplaceable. However, there may be situations in which parents are unable to provide a child with that love and affection. The reasons for this could be many, but the end result can be a neglected child who may have to live though serious consequences .

In order prevent such situations, laws in Tennessee, and throughout the country, enable grandparents to seek guardianship of the child. In fact, the Tennessee Supreme Court also acknowledges grandparent’s rights.

Guardianship actions require that a person first file a petition. Once the papers are filed, a court takes into consideration the best interests of the child and then determines whether the grandparent adoption should be approved. In some cases, the court may inspect the grandparent’s home and resources before allowing the adoption.

However, even after obtaining legal custody, there still remain a number of legal formalities that a grandparent needs to complete to legally adopt a child in Tennessee. It may be a wise decision to have an experienced family law attorney by one’s side if someone is contemplating taking up guardianship of a child.

The Law Office of Steven C. Girsky has plenty of experience in dealing with matters related to grandparent adoptions in Tennessee. We are a family law firm with much experience dealing with guardianship and visitation issues. With our understanding of state and federal laws pertaining to grandparent adoption, we may be able to help to complete the guardianship action as smoothly as possible.


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