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Tennessee men can be good fathers, even after divorce

| Feb 4, 2015 | Fathers' Rights

In and around Clarksville, Tennessee, there are many fathers who are either divorced or separated. A number of those fathers do not have child custody and, therefore, the amount of time that they get to spend with their children is often very limited. However, it is a father’s right, as well as his responsibility, to be a great parent to his child. However, being a good father is difficult at best but when the “lack of proximity” factor is added to the equation, the situation can become much more complicated.

If, however, a father wishes to maintain a close relationship with his children, he can take some simple steps after separating from the mother to provide his child with the kind of attention and affection that every child deserves from the father. The first step is being consistent. It is important for the father to keep his promises and to be emotionally present when spending time with his child. In order to maintain a close relationship with the children, the father should also plan activities in advance and not waste visitation hours watching television or doing nothing.

Another important point that every father should remember is to respect the mother of his children, especially in front of the children. If bitterness between former spouses is apparent to the children, that bitterness may have a detrimental effect on the children’s emotions. Another simple, but very important, step is to keep all communication channels open. Ideally, a father should know how to listen more than to speak. Children have plenty of questions for their fathers and a father should always make an attempt to answer as many of their questions as possible.

Also, a father who has been issued a court order to pay child support must comply with that order because the money is meant to protect his children’s best interests.

Finally, a father should always try to reach peaceful resolutions after the divorce as well as with other issues related to family law. However, that may be difficult at times because issues related to family law are inherently complicated and protecting fathers’ rights often becomes challenging.

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