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Rock star to pay more as child support to wife and child

| Apr 8, 2015 | Child Support

Spouses who are in the midst of contentious child support cases in Clarksville, Tennessee, may be interested in learning that the long battle between rocker Liam Gallagher and the mother of one of his children is officially over. The couple recently ended their legal battle in family court had met five years ago when Gallagher, who is the vocalist for the British rock band, Oasis, met the woman when she was writing a story about him.

Their child support battle lasted for two years and its closure most likely came as a great relief to the woman and the child. The judge has called this settlement a fair one and confirmed that all the issues were resolved well. Gallagher, known as a Rock-and-Roll bad boy, was not at the hearing with special permission from the court. He was fined on two other previous occasions for missing court proceedings.

The details of the settlement were not available, but it is presumed that the court has ordered an amount which is more than the $5,000 that the woman was already receiving from Gallagher on a monthly basis. As Gallagher has already been accused of not regularly seeing his daughter and provisions for visitation rights were also unclear by the announcement.

In Tennessee, the Department of Human Services takes care of child support cases. Child support agreements can also be made outside a court, but only through mediation or negotiations. A person who does not comply with the court order to pay child support can face legal action from the court that may include seizure of property, depravity of wages earned and also revocation of driver’s license.

Determination of child support can be a stressful matter for parents to handle alone. Parents planning to file a child support claim need to have a full understanding of the process.

Source: New York Daily News, “Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher ends child support battle with writer Liza Ghorbani,” Dareh Gregorian, Mar. 26, 2015


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