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We help parents in Clarksville modify child support orders

| Apr 1, 2015 | Child Support

Divorced parents in Clarksville, Tennessee, may seek a modification in their child support order if the non-custodial parent is unable to meet the obligations ordered by the court. This may be because of certain unavoidable changes in life such as unemployment or failing health conditions. Seeking a modification is a more viable option than dealing with the legal complications of non-payment. But before approaching the court, that parent may have to understand the law regarding modifications and which circumstances can actually qualify for seeking a modification.

Filing for bankruptcy may not relieve a non-custodial parent from the financial responsibilities to their child. The court may not agree to any modification that may be detrimental to the child. Thus, before approaching a court for a possible solution, a non-custodial parent should talk with the custodial parent and confirm their acceptance of the modification. The issue may then be settled outside the court through mutual understanding, and if needed, a court can appoint a mediator to facilitate the process.

But until the time the issues related to modification get settled, the non-custodial parent may have to continue paying their regular payment. In case of payment failures, the chances of getting the court order modified may become difficult. The non-custodial parent should try and pay as much of their child support as possible.

The court may review all documented evidence before ordering a modification. In case of non-payment due to unemployment, the non-custodial parent would have to produce documents that verify their income. If the court finds the request legitimate, it may order a modification in the child support order. An experienced attorney can explain the details of this process to parents who are seeking such modifications.

Our law firm specializes in handling such cases. We help our clients file a request for modification to the appropriate court. We provide honest advice to our clients and support them in order to protect their rights. Contact our attorneys for a free initial consultation.


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