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Signing child support agreements can help parents and children

| Jul 3, 2015 | Child Support

Like the other financial aspects of divorce, such as property division and alimony, child support is often a point of contention. It is true that the purpose of child support is to fulfill the needs of the child; however, in many cases, child support obligations lead to parents not paying on time because they are unable to keep up with the payment schedule for a number of reasons, such as insufficient income.

In order to address this concern, Tennessee courts offer an opportunity to divorcing parents to settle child support claims amicably, either through alternate dispute resolution methods or through informal negotiation. In both cases, divorcing parents can mutually agree on child support obligations and can state their decisions in an agreement, which will become a binding child support agreement.

Recently, courts in Tennessee, as well as in the rest of the United States, have asked parents to try mediation before they end up in court. Such mediation sessions or informal discussions are ideal for parents to resolve child support disputes. However, some divorces are so bitter that the parents are unable to reach an agreement, even after they have temporarily set aside differences and tried their best to come to an agreement on the issues that are plaguing them.

Since a divorce is already stressful, it is understandable that the parents may not be able to discuss an issue across the table peacefully. However, the parent should try to remember that their failure to come to an agreement over child support is not in the best interests of their child. Therefore, they should always try to reach an agreement. Additionally, it may help to consult an attorney, who can make the process run more smoothly.

If people want to know more about child support in Tennessee, they may wish to visit our law firm’s website. The information people find there should help them to make an informed decision. Our law firm has handled many divorce cases where child support was a major issue and we have been able to help resolve those issues smoothly. After all, child support is always in the best interests of a child and therefore, it is important for parents take child support obligations seriously.


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