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Attorneys who can help with child support in military divorces

| Aug 28, 2015 | Military Divorce

Military families are very vulnerable to divorce. Deployment in foreign countries often puts a strain on marriage. Tennessee residents may be aware that just as military marriages are different from civilian marriages, so are military divorces. There are many issues pertaining to a military divorce, such as child support, which are immensely different from a civilian divorce. One of those issues is getting alimony or child support from an ex-spouse who may either be retired or who may still be an active military service member.

Many of those military divorce issues are complicated and a service member may find the support of an experienced attorney critical. An experienced attorney will understand that the first step that a service member needs to take in a military divorce is to get a child support order from the state enforcement agency or the court. That order must be sent to the Defense Finance and Accounting Services.

There are certain important issues to remember when drafting the child support order. First, the government must be directed to pay child support. If necessary, an income withholding order may be imposed on the service member. Again, this is a complex matter and the person may need the support of an experienced attorney. The Law Office of Steven C. Girsky has decades of experience in family law matters and can help the custodial parent to obtain the child support payments after the military divorce.

Another fact that many spouses may not understand is that court fees and attorney fees are included in child support orders. This is just one of the many details that a person going through a military divorce must consider when dealing with child support. Our firm’s website has information about a variety of these complex topics.


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