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Making a decision about the marital home at the time of divorce

| Aug 12, 2015 | Property Division

As Tennessee residents may be aware, divorce is not just about two people going their separate ways; it is also about property division. In fact, marital property division can be a stressful issue in a divorce. In many cases, the stress factor is directly proportional to the length of the marriage. The longer the marriage lasted, the more assets, and debt, there will be to divide in an equitable manner. At such a critical time, the divorcing spouses may wish to consider the support of an attorney, who will not only provide sound legal advice, but who will also be able to walk the spouses through the complicated issues that they are experiencing.

An experienced attorney would agree that the decision about the marital home is one of the most difficult to make. The attorney will be able to advise the spouses on whether they should live together in the home or if one spouse should hand over the home to the other. The third feasible option is to sell the home and divide the proceeds from the sale between the spouses. If the couple decides to go for the third option, they will probably wish to sell the home quickly.

Keeping the marital home also brings with it a set of challenges, such as mortgage and maintenance of the home. The spouse who decides to keep the home should pay close attention to those matters before making a decision.

Research has shown that a younger couple with less of an emotional tie to the marital home may want to sell the asset. The law office of Steven C. Girsky, with decades of experience in family law, can advise whether to sell home. As the marital home is typically the most valuable asset in a divorcing couple’s life, it is probably a good idea for the couple to make an informed decision before property division.


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