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UT’s successful program supports divorcing families

| Sep 11, 2015 | Child Support

For some parents, it is a real struggle to find stable employment either during or after a divorce. Oftentimes, a parent’s lack of a permanent job becomes a hurdle to paying child support, but also to obtaining child custody of their children. For this reason, the University of Tennessee has decided to reach out and try to break down this hurdle that stands between healthy parent-child relationships. Their aim is to reunite Tennessee families who have been separated by divorce.

Too many Clarksville families know the struggle of holding down a steady job. When it comes to maintaining a parent-child relationship, the University of Tennessee wants to help. The Child Support Employment and Parenting Program supports non-custodial parents in the area who are seriously interested in finding employment and developing strong relationships with their children.

There are reasons why the courts decide a parent who cannot hold a steady job cannot usually obtain sole custody of their child or children. If a parent cannot hold a job, it means that they probably do not have a steady source of income, which is not in the best interests of the child, and therefore cannot financially support the child. The initiative set out by UT is trying to bridge that gap between a steady job and parent-child relationship.

Clarksville residents and others in the surrounding area are all eligible to receive the aid that UT is offering. Parents are encouraged to seek help from reputable programs such as this. Seeking help when a parent is in need can be the first step to building a better relationship with a child. Divorced parents often have a tougher road to travel than married parents, but they should understand that help is available if they need it.

Source: Tennessee Today, “Partnerships that Make a Difference: Child Support Employment and Parenting Programs,” Aug. 31, 2015


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