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Child custody plan important to both parent and child

| Oct 23, 2015 | Child Custody and Visitation

If you are a parent who is going through a divorce, child custody is likely a top concern. You want to make sure that you are not jeopardizing the health of or relationship with your child. How do you avoid any unnecessary stress and negativity during this process? Ideally the less drawn out the process, the better it is for parent and child.

This often means having a full understanding of what child custody courts are interested in. Child custody is determined partially by knowing how a parent can best meet the standards set by the court that fall under the best interests of the child. Joint custody is a popular option for parents who share equal responsibility in raising the child.

Other situations require primary custody, which is when a child lives with one parent a majority of the time. Whatever the best situation is for you and your family, the legal professionals at the Law Office of Steven C Girsky have the expertise to help you best prepare any child custody case. Implementing a parenting plan is a great way to outline the responsibilities of each parent and how to handle scenarios where the parents may have to come together to make a decision for the child. Laying these scenarios out on the table before they happen can help the process go more smoothly for both parent and child.

Ideally, the child will not be negatively affected by such a change in their home environment. There are ways to make the process easier for everyone involved, keep the damage to a minimum and expedite the child custody process during a divorce. The right representation can make a key difference in the experience and emotional effects sometimes felt during a divorce. A parenting plan can make the child custody process predictable and therefore easier to execute.


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