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Montgomery county marriage and divorce statistics, 2013

When it comes to divorce, many Montgomery residents are not disillusioned about the possibility of their marriage failing. All over the country and within the state, once happily married couples make the decision to divorce. Each individual situation has complicated circumstances and a certain story behind it. Although each divorce story is more than just a statistic, the Tennessee department of health has broken marriage and divorce rates down from the year of 2013.

These rates were categorized by county. When it comes to Montgomery County, more people were married in the county than were divorced in 2013. However, 6.2 per 1,000 filed for divorce in Montgomery County in 2013. This is well below the county of Trousdale where 90% of marriages end in divorce.

When it comes to property division most items are considered marital property and divided equitably between the divorcing couple. Asset division can be complicated but it is possible for a divorcing couple to get a handle on their finances in order to divide them appropriately between each other after the marriage. However, asset division may not leave each person with the same standard of living as they had during marriage, this is often a difficult feat to achieve.

This is why it is important to get a complete understanding of assets and liabilities that were once shared between the divorcing couple. Understanding the true worth of the assets involved is key to getting a fair share in divorce. More than one thousand Montgomery County residents made the decision to file for divorce in 2013. How this affected their finances and standard of living is important to understanding the true affects that divorce has on the community.

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