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Tennessee military deployment consideration for divorce

| Oct 30, 2015 | Military Divorce

Military families sacrifice a lot to serve the needs of the state of Tennessee, the United States and the entire world as a whole. Due to the stress associated with the sacrifice some military families make, it can be a contributing factor to divorce. When a military couple decides to divorce, the military aspect does add an interesting twist to the procedure. If one or both married couples are or were involved in the military, it will affect divorce proceedings.

For this reason, it is important for those involved with the military to understand what is expected of them during this time of change. There are a couple aspects of military divorce that make it different from civilian divorce. Since military members and their families are allocated certain military benefits and military retirement, these assets needs to be handled appropriately. Also, state of filing is subject to different factors for those in the military versus civilian divorce.

Those deployed may be up against the hurdle of distance but it is still possible to get a divorce while on active deployment. Thanks to technology, most communication can be completed from a distance in order to file and complete a military divorce. At the Law Office of Steven C. Girsky, we understand that you may not want to wait until your deployment concludes to complete your military divorce. Allow us to handle the details while you worry about completing your military duties.

We understand the stress and level of responsibility that you are dealing with during this difficult time. Sometimes, marriages just do not work out. This is true for civilians and those who are or were affiliated with the military. Do not feel overwhelmed by the division of benefits that may need to occur. We know just how to handle the idiosyncrasies associated with military divorce.


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