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Dissolution of marriage possible for deployed TN military members

| Dec 30, 2015 | Military Divorce

Military members are responsible for national security. Sometimes the weight of that and other responsibilities can overwhelm a soldier, ultimately spilling over and causing strife in their personal life. For some military members and their families, this can result in the desire for a divorce.

When Tennessee military members decide that it is time for a dissolution of their marriage, they shouldn’t allow an active deployment to stand in their way. Military members can be stationed in many places along U.S. coasts or cities. Deployment can even stretch as far away as other countries halfway around the world. The Law Office of Steven C. Girsky does not see the distance of active deployment to be a problem that prohibits the dissolution of marriage.

Soldiers deployed at bases around the U.S. and even internationally can still file for or complete a divorce. If a marriage won’t last through your deployment, it may be best to be proactive and dissolve the marriage right away rather then letting it linger through the end of deployment.

Our legal staff handles military divorces quickly and efficiently to minimize the extra work for you or your current spouse. In order to communicate over distances, we can file documents electronically and work through e-mail and telephone to file or complete the divorce process even though you or your spouse is living out of the filing state of Tennessee.

As you can see there are many ways a divorce can be begun or completed even with the compilation of a deployment of active military duty. Military members have several differing aspects of their divorce with military benefits for the member and their family a top concern. These aspects will be considered for the client going through a military divorce. No stone will go unturned in order to resolve the dissolution of marriage as quickly and as efficiently as possible.


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