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New Year’s Resolutions for Tennessee’s divorced or soon-to-be

| Dec 24, 2015 | Property Division

Whether you have just completed a divorce, are in the process or are thinking of beginning the divorce process, the New Year is a coveted holiday for those seeking a chance to start fresh. This is why New Year is a perfect holiday to give yourself the gift of re-birth. Divorce, while life-changing, can be great news for those who have been thinking of getting out of a lifeless marriage. Here are some divorce-specific rules to go by this new year.

No surprises here, most of the tips are focusing on personal health, positive choices and overall well-being of self. It is suggested that recent divorcees set healthy boundaries, travel and make new friends.

However, it is also advised that the newly single person pays careful attention to their money including bank accounts, assets and liabilities. Whatever the situation, creating a budget and managing your money will give the recently divorced incredible confidence, especially if that person once relied on a spouse to handle finances.

Property division is a part of divorce. Both parties cannot get everything the couple once it owned; it is about acquiring the assets that are most important or lucrative to each party. The divorce decree and negotiations will determine how personal situations and marital property is divided.

While there is no quick fix for a Tennessee divorce, there are better ways to handle the situation. Engaging in healthy behaviors, keeping a positive attitude and keeping a close eye on finances is a great way to start the new year. Who knows, this could be the best year ever. Keep your chin up and do not be afraid of change in 2016.

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