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Unmarried fathers’ rights goals and best interests of child

| Dec 24, 2015 | Fathers' Rights

When someone brings up the term, fathers’ rights, what is it that they mean? The reality is that the fathers’ rights movement has been in full swing since the 1960s. The movement started in response to unmarried father’s inability to make decisions for or spend time with their child. Obtaining fathers’ rights can be a simple or a multi-step process depending on the family’s situation.

Fathers’ rights today are something unmarried fathers seek out in order to prove paternity or obtain custody of their child. Many fathers’ rights proponents argue that the legal system is biased against fathers when it comes to family decisions, leaving many dads who desire to share parenting responsibility without the chance to do so. While the courts have become more sensitive to such bias in the recent past, it can still be difficult for fathers to obtain such parenting rights.

Difficult does not mean impossible for Tennessee fathers. Whether going through a divorce, or seeking rights to a child that you were not married to the mother, there is a solution to bring you closer to your children. The relationship between father and child is an important bond that shouldn’t be lost. Do not allow an uncooperative mother or legal jargon stand in the way of you and your son or daughter being together.

As mentioned earlier, there has been much legislation in family court supporting unwed fathers and the relationship with their children. Understanding how to apply this pertinent legislation is key to obtaining your paternity or child custody goals. No matter how much time has gone by, it is never too late to be the father you want to be. There are few things as important as this relationship in a child’s life.

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