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Military benefits can affect TN child support proceedings

| Jan 27, 2016 | Military Divorce

There is much that military members sacrifice in order to protect their country’s rights and freedom. Because of this exceptional sacrifice, military veterans are awarded benefits that are not typically afforded to the average Tennessee civilian. These benefits are varied and extensive; these benefits can have an impact on divorce proceedings. As a result, Tennessee military members or their spouses contemplating a divorce should take time to understand how these military benefits could affect their situation.

While military divorce isn’t drastically different from civilian divorce, there are a few difference to keep in mind. One is the substantial medical care awarded to military members and their families. If two previously married parents share custody of children, the military services excellent medical benefits are transferrable to them. This is true even if the current or retired military member is not the custodial parent of the children.

Another difference has to do with retirement: Pension benefits are often available to retired active military members, but seldom to civilians. Pension is a needs-based benefit that is offered to qualifying veterans with a permanent disability or a limited income and the inability to work. This is significant to non-military parents who are the custodial parent of shared children. If a pension is the source of income for your former spouse, it may be a source from which to obtain child support payments.

Clearly, benefits awarded to military members are significant and can change the way a family views the child support and child custody process. Many non-military members aren’t aware of all the fabulous benefits awarded to veterans. These benefits are well-deserved, and the families of military members have also made sacrifices. For this specific reasons, many benefits are transferable to family members (like children) after a dissolution of marriage.

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