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Navigating the process of property division

| Jan 17, 2016 | Property Division

For many, going through a divorce is a stressful time filled with many questions. While the emotional side of a divorce can be extremely difficult to cope with, there are much more tangible sources of stress that may be confusion to those dealing with them. If, throughout the course of the marriage, a couple has amassed a considerably sized estate, there may be questions as to how those assets are divided. This can be a complicated situation. Thankfully, those going through such times don’t have to be alone.

There are several elements that can complicate property division during a divorce. If a marriage last many years, it can be much more difficult to find a way to separate the assets (and debts) into parts that are equitable for both parties involved.

At The Law Office Of Steven Girsky, we pride ourselves in being thorough in such cases. Marital property can include many things such as the primary residential home, vacation homes, all matters of automobiles including boats, jet skis and more, assets from family-owned and operated businesses and even household goods such as furniture. With so much at state, it is important to seek the counsel of someone you can trust.

Going through a divorce is obviously a difficult time with much to consider both from an emotional standpoint and a financial standpoint. Seeking the assistance of an experience attorney can help those in such situations proceed in a way that is fair to both parties. The soon and more efficiently the property division element of a divorce can be wrapped up, the sooner a person can begin moving on with their life.


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