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Resolving TN military divorce does not have to be a struggle

| Feb 24, 2016 | Military Divorce

If someone could make the process of military divorce easier for you and your family, wouldn’t you want to contact that person? At The Law Office of Steven C. Girsky in Montgomery County, we understand that military divorce comes with its own set of rules in comparison to civilian divorce. Military benefits, pensions and child custody arrangements can all be settled in a way that makes sense for the divorcing spouses and their family. Also, an active deployment does not have to stop a person from seeking a change in marital status.

Even if the action of seeking a divorce is agreed upon by both parties involved in the marriage, it can still be an emotionally turbulent time. Minimizing the stress is key to keeping emotions at a manageable level for everyone involved. Furthermore, children can sometimes make the process more complicated as custody and support need to be arranged. We know that people in the military have sporadic schedules that can cause them to be away from their family for large chunks of time. Our law firm works hard to ensure that a divorce and child custody settlement works for each specific set of family circumstances.

It is no secret that current and former military members receive certain benefits. These benefits are often transferrable to family members. When divorce changes the way that a family functions, it is important to ensure that the deserving family members receive the benefits they are entitled to. For example, if a military member is not the primary custodial parent, it should be considered how their medical benefits will be allocated to their children when they aren’t living under the same roof.

Whatever the issues that arise with military divorce, we can advise and advocate on our client’s behalf. With years of experience behind us, we have dealt with many common military divorce scenarios. Even the most bizarre situations are welcomed. We pride our practice on the ability to guide our clients through a transitional period and into the new phase of their life. Our website contains some helpful information about our firm and about military divorce issues.


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