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Parenting plan can make child custody arrangement easier

| Mar 25, 2016 | Child Custody and Visitation

If possible, Tennessee courts like divorced, or single parents to reach a level of communication and amicability that allows for cooperation on a parenting plan. A parenting plan is simply a document that outlines topics like pick-up and drop-off times, holiday arrangements or even big decisions like religious choices. Having a set and understood agreement can make all the difference in a joint custody or shared custody child arrangement. There are many reasons a co-parenting team should think about putting together a parenting plan.

Most people focus on delegating specific parenting time to each parent. This means hammering out details related to out of pocket medical expenses, holiday arrangements, shared parenting time during the week and even who claims the child on tax returns. Sometimes these issues don’t always get settled in a regular child custody arrangement, so it is great to have a place and time to air these concerns and agree to a parenting plan. At The Law Office of Steven C. Girsky, we have years of experience drafting and negotiating parenting plans for our clients and their families.

Some of the topics may seem obvious, especially if parents are communicating effectively. However, it is possible that there could come a time when parents are not communicating well. This could lead to a complete breakdown in a child custody arrangement, which could in turn require that the parents set possible penalties for not meeting the parenting plan.

A well-communicated parenting arrangement is only going to benefit the child. It is hard to determine how a poorly communicated child custody arrangement could negatively affect a child. However, most parents don’t want to take a chance. Parents in Clarkesville who are ready to work together for the benefit of their child should look into crafting a parenting plan.


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