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Equitable division of property could affect alimony payments

| Apr 6, 2016 | Property Division

The idea behind marriage is simple, two people become one person legally. After such an arrangement, it can be difficult to discern where one person starts and the other person stops. But, these are important distinctions when it comes to a Tennessee divorce and thus, property division.

Alimony isn’t a part of every Tennessee divorce or property division. In many cases, though, alimony is awarded in cases where one spouse sacrificed personal or financial gain in lieu of the other spouse’s career success. This creates an imbalance that can be remedied by the payment of alimony from the ‘have’ spouse to the ‘have-not’ spouse. Only a complete examination of marital property and history of the marriage will determine if a Tennessee divorce and property division is subject to alimony payments.

At The Law Office of Steven C. Girsky, we understand what stress that the possibility of alimony payments can cause. Whether you are hoping to receive, or hoping to avoid making alimony payments, the best interests of our clients are always the top priority. We also manage expectations in the sense that there are no guarantees in Tennessee divorce cases. The spouse’s assets must be calculated and noted correctly in order to get an accurate portrayal of marital property and how it can affect potential alimony payments.

Our firm’s website contains some helpful information about property division and alimony, and we are available to answer more detailed questions. Whether seeking alimony or hoping to avoid making the payments, there is a way to weigh your priorities in marital property division. Understanding what items are less important and sacrificing those items can help you either receive or avoid those alimony payments in an equitable division. As always, every property division is different and will require specifics only relevant to that case.


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