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How Tennessee parents side-step guilt after a divorce

You love your children. In fact, you would do just about anything for them. After a divorce, however, many Tennessee parents struggle with guilt because they feel like they let their children down. Here is how to break the cycle of guilt and feel confident in the decision you made, for the well-being of you and your family.

The real trigger behind the emotion of guilt is regret. If a parent regrets the way they acted, whether to their ex-spouse, their children or anyone important in their life, they should try to make amends for their mistakes. After making amends, it is about making choices and decisions that reflect the more positive person you wish you had been in the past. It is also great to understand that divorce isn’t always a destruction of the family unit.

Those who have been through a divorce or child custody arrangement, or are thinking of one, should seek out opinions of those who have been through it. That person probably felt all of the things that the person thinking of divorce is thinking.

Divorce isn’t a black and white decision; there is much to be analyzed to determine if it is right for a Tennessee parent and their family. Once through the divorce process, it can be very therapeutic to share experiences and insights with those who are in similar situations.

It is possible to have an amicable divorce and discussion of the child custody arrangement. Keeping emotions stable and thinking of all parties involved can make the process way less dramatic than some envision it to be. If feeling guilty about pursuing a Tennessee divorce, think about what your guilt may truly represent. Think long-term about your decision and how those choices can benefit you and your family.

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