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A military divorce requires experience, compassion and commitment

| May 24, 2016 | Military Divorce

Most people would agree that all successful marriages require effort from both spouses. In a military marriage, this is usually truer than many new couples are prepared for. It can be extremely difficult to maintain a healthy relationship when one spouse is absent for extended periods. Further, after a period of deployment, the couple may find that their understanding of one another has undergone changes. For example, if one spouse has suffered through combat, he or she may come back and seem different than before. Extreme life experiences can do that to people.

There should be no shame on either side if these differences are irreconcilable, but in reality, both spouses may feel like failures when a military divorce alters a once “perfect” equation. No one gets married thinking that they will one day divorce; however, it happens to many couples living in Tennessee, both military and non-military. Many issues arise during a military divorce such as when to file, in what state to file and whether or not to initiate the divorce if one spouse is deployed.

Members of the nation’s armed forces are often confused about where to look for the answers they need. While there are military resources they can turn to, some prefer to approach such a personal issue in a more private venue. The answer for many service members is a locally-based family law attorney who is not directly involved with the military.

When you need a Tennessee lawyer who is experienced with military divorces yet also offers compassion and individual commitment, we hope you will consider our law firm. Please browse our website to learn more about our approach to military family law issues.


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