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Stressed Out About Getting A Divorce? Mediation May Be The Answer.

| May 16, 2016 | Divorce

When it comes to divorce, even the simplest, most straightforward separation can be plagued with complexity, stress, and difficulty. From protecting your financial future to developing a plan for your children, you want someone guiding you along the way.

At The Law Office of Steven C. Girsky, we aid Tennessee couples through these stressful matters by looking for options to avoid conflicts, reach timely decisions and save money. From the start, we sit down with you and listen to your goals. With a clear idea of your situation, we can better point you toward solutions that work for you and your kids. For many, mediation is the best alternative to litigation. By working together, you and your spouse can amicably negotiate the terms of your divorce.

Why Use Mediation?

You’ll naturally want to make a case for what you feel is yours when going through divorce, but it also helps to consider the bigger picture. Is it really worthwhile to fight over furniture or a few other pieces of marital property while driving up legal fees and delaying the final outcome? Are you really making a case for something important or are you just trying to hurt your soon-to-be-former spouse?

If you’re just trying to inflict as much pain as possible, chances are that you’re only making things more difficult for yourself. By pursuing litigation, you will lose control of your case as the judge will have the final say in what happens with your divorce.

During mediation, you and your spouse will have the control. You will have an opportunity to work through your differences, compromise and reach a timely outcome.

Working through mediation will help you answer questions including some of the following:

  • Financial questions regarding property division, as well as other money-saving options
  • Questions regarding child support, child support and visitation
  • Concerns about military divorce and other factors unique to military families
  • Questions about maintaining privacy and control throughout the divorce

By working together to answer these questions, you and your spouse can reach agreements that actually fit your individual needs. In addition to protecting your rights, assets, and developing a plan, you’ll have a firm understanding of what to expect following your divorce.

If You’re Getting Divorce, Talk With A Lawyer About Mediation Options

The Law Office of Steven C. Girsky is open during weekly business hours and also offers evening, as well as off-site and weekend appointments to clients throughout Tennessee. Since 1991, Steven C. Girsky has been helping couples with their divorce cases and work through their issues in a stress-free manner. Credit cards are accepted, and payment plans are available. Contact the firm today for your initial free consultation.


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