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Struggling to move on after your divorce is over

| Jun 15, 2016 | Divorce

Here is a common scenario: You have longed to divorce for some time. The divorce finally happened and at first, you were happy. Then something strange happened. You began to feel your loss and even began to miss your spouse.

Does the above situation mean something is wrong with you? No! On the contrary, it simply means you are a human being with the full range of human emotions. Divorce sounds simple, but it can be a painful, emotionally-complex event. It is only natural to miss a person you have shared so much of your life with. It is also natural to feel a sense of loneliness that you might not have expected.

The question is—what can you do about it? Sadly, there is no immediate cure, but modifying your lifestyle, accepting your thought patterns and allowing yourself to grieve can bring you comfort and put you firmly on the road to your new life.

Here are some tips to move on after divorce from relationship experts.

— Give yourself permission to grieve the things you have lost such as companionship, shared history and dreams of the future

— Recognize when you need professional support and go get it

— Avoid spending time alone and surround yourself with people who value you instead

— Give yourself permission to feel less than happy for a while; eventually you really will start to feel better

— Avoid bottling up your emotions; talk them out with a trusted and supportive friend instead

Divorce attorneys have seen a lot in their day-to-day practices. If you feel comfortable with the idea, schedule an appointment with your Tennessee lawyer after your divorce is over. He or she may help you learn even more about how to cope with divorce, move on and get over it in a positive way.

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