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We support Clarksville fathers asserting their parental rights

| Jul 8, 2016 | Fathers' Rights

There is an idea that continues to persist regarding child custody that sounds something like this: Children belong with the mother and mothers should receive full custody of their children. This is an archaic idea from another time. These days, Tennessee courts are largely interested in providing dual custody to both parents so that children spend equal time with both the mother and the father.

Whenever possible, child psychologists and family court judges tend to agree that both parents should both participate in the rearing of their children. As such, the trend in family court systems across the United States is leaning toward dual custody to both parents. This may not happen if both parents are in agreement that the best situation is to award full custody to one or the other parent. Alternatively, it might not happen if both parents live in different locations — which would preclude the easy transfer of children from one house to another during the week.

However, at the very least, courts strive to ensure that both parents will have access to spending time with their children. It is clear that children benefit from both parents’ involvement in their rearing — and because courts always hold the best interest of the children as their primary concern — they will do everything they can to ensure that children benefit from continual and regular visits with both of their parents.

At the Law Office of Steven C. Girsky, we know that sometimes fathers get the short end of the stick in their divorce proceedings when it comes to child custody arrangements. These days, however, the law supports fathers in asserting their parental rights. If you are currently having your parental rights challenged, we are here to help.

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