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Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman quickly finalize divorce

| Aug 4, 2016 | Divorce

Drew Barrymore and husband Will Kopelman have filed for divorce. The divorce filing comes three months following the separation of the couple last April. The initial paperwork was submitted by Drew on July 15, then Will submitted his own divorce filing on July 18. According to news outlets, the duo planned for a peaceful parting of ways

As of Aug. 3, Barrymore and Kopelman confirmed that they achieved their peaceful objective in record time. The Hollywood power couple is now divorced just three weeks after their filing. The uncontested divorce didn’t even require them to appear in court.

Barrymore and Kopelman had two children together. The two girls are only three and two years of age, and they are the inspiration for the couple to get along well and stay close as friends following their divorce. In a joint statement following their separation last April, Kopelman and Barrymore said that they did not feel their separation took away from their remaining a family. They said that their children are their universe and they look forward to making them their first priority for the rest of their lives.

As far as divorces go, it appears that Kopelman and Barrymore have parted ways in the best manner possible — both in terms of time, peacefulness, and zero need for court proceedings. In fact, because the matter was pursued as an uncontested divorce, neither Barrymore or Kopelman had to set foot in court during the process.

Tennessee couples who are hoping for a similar style of divorce in terms of speed and friendliness may want to discuss their wishes with their divorce lawyers. Indeed, when both sides of a divorce are eager to reach accord and maintain the peacefulness of the separation, much can be achieved to reduce the stress and cost associated with the average Tennessee divorce.

Source: US Magazine, “Drew Barrymore Files for Divorce From Will Kopelman Three Months After Split: Report,” Nicholas Hautman, July 16, 2016


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