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How are millennials approaching marriage and divorce?

| Sep 9, 2016 | Divorce

Tennessee residents have been getting married for hundreds of years, and in the 20th and 21st centuries, they have also been getting divorced very frequently. However, with each generation comes new ideas and new customs as our culture gradually evolves in its ways of looking at love, marriage, families and romantic partnerships.What are the marriage and divorce trends as they relate to the “millennials” on the block, who have only recently entered into adulthood?

First, millennials are waiting until they are older to get married. The average marriage age for millennials is 29 for men and 27 for women. That is significantly older than 1963 averages of 23 for men and 21 for women.

Second, women with high levels of education are more likely to get married than they were in the past. This has been a trend during the last 25 years. Interestingly, though, marriage rates for women with high school diplomas have lowered, and marriage rates for women with graduate, medical and law degrees have increased. Some believe that these women are more attractive as marriage partners because they offer more financial security.

Third, overall marriage rates are declining. In spite of the above numbers, when looking at overall statistics, marriage rates are declining. Millennials are more likely than their counterparts from the past to get married, and more want to stay single or not get married to their partners.

Fourth, overall divorce rates are also declining. It seems that even though millennials are less likely to get married, they are also less likely to get divorced. Perhaps the lower divorce figures are due to the fact that millennials are waiting longer to get married and are therefore more mature and sure of their decisions when they make them.

Whether we take our cues from millennials or not, divorces will still happen. In these situations, when a marriage is irreparable, an experienced family law attorney can guide you through the divorce process.

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