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Tips For Recently Divorced Parents: Helping a Child Succeed in School

For recently divorced parents and their children, the start of a new school year may be especially difficult and stressful. As parents establish and attempt to navigate their new roles as co-parents, there are likely to be some bumps along the way. It’s important, however, that parents do their best to set aside personal differences and come together for a child’s sake.

When it comes to a child’s academic success, communication and involvement are key. The following recommendations are things that recently divorced parents should keep in mind this academic year

Important things to discuss with your child’s school and teacher

  • Notify your child’s school and teacher about a divorce or separation
  • Inform your child’s teacher and school about changes to a child’s living situation and custody schedule
  • Let your child’s school and teacher know which parent should be listed as the primary contact (i.e. the parent who will handle school-related administrative details)
  • Ensure your child’s school and teacher has updated contact information for both parents as well as emergency contact information

Prior to a divorce or separation one parent may have taken on the lion’s share of school and academic responsibilities. However, after a divorce, it’s even more important that both parents show an interest and be involved in a child’s academic life.

Ways to support and stay involved in your child’s academics

  • Volunteer at a child’s school or attend school-related events and functions with your child
  • Cheer your child on at any and all academic and/or sporting events in which he or she participates
  • Help your child with homework
  • Attend parent-teacher conferences


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