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Why spousal support?

| Sep 16, 2016 | Spousal and Child Support

A lot of people in Tennessee are not aware of the important role spousal support plays in keeping spouses on equal footing so one is less likely to completely dominate the other. Indeed, before the notion of spousal support, in the distant past, female spouses often stayed home, did not have the capacity to earn a living and had to rely on their husbands to provide for them.

Meanwhile, the women were frequently trapped in their long dresses doing house chores and handiwork and had no means to escape the need to work in domestic service to their husbands. This is precisely where the concept of alimony comes into play. Alimony is intended to provide the finances needed by the less-moneyed spouse to afford the same quality level of life while earning a new degree or completing education that eventually leads to his or her own financial independence.

In this respect, alimony serves as a bridge to a better life for people who may otherwise feel stuck in a toxic relationship that no longer serves them beyond keeping them financially secure. That said, arguing in court over alimony and trying to decide how much one is permitted to receive is never a good use of one’s time.

For that reason, Tennessee residents may want to consider speaking with a lawyer about their cases to determine strategies for securing alimony, child support and other issues without having to enter into a formal court room. Sometimes, in order to avoid court, couples might also agree to temporary and less lengthy alimony payments than other options instead of just one.

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