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November 2016 Archives

Establishing paternity

There are several ways to establish paternity. If you are not married to the other parent of your child, you may consider exploring your options in this regard. Establishing paternity can have advantages for both parents, but the most important b enefits are for the child.

Divorce rates are at their lowest in 4 decades

It seems like all we hear these days are so-called "divorce horror stories." Not only that, but the media seems to be constantly printing stories about modern divorce rates being close to 40 or 50 percent. However, in 2015, divorce rates dropped to their lowest levels in many years.

Court of Appeals awards child custody to ex-prostitute

The Tennessee Court of Appeals has granted primary custody of two children to an ex-prostitute, who is the mother of the children. The award reversed a previous ruling by the Hamilton County Juvenile Court. According to the higher court, the lower court's ruling to strip the mother of her custody rights was made because it believed that she was still working as a prostitute, in spite of evidence proving that she had left the profession.

Tennessee military divorce proceedings for overseas soldiers

American soldiers who are serving their country overseas have so much to worry about -- like keeping their fellow soldiers safe, keeping themselves safe and keeping their wits about them to perform their duties clearly and effectively. Throwing divorce proceedings into the mix, when one's spouse is far away, can be heart-wrenching and extremely destabilizing for a soldier who is already under a great deal of stress as it is.

4 reasons to create a prenup

Although some people still think of prenuptial agreements as only relevant to the fabulously wealthy, there is a growing awareness of the benefits that almost any couple can gain from having a well-drafted prenup in place. Tennessee courts tend to view these agreements favorably and will typically approve agreements that do not infringe on the children's interests or contain egregious unfairness.

Signs your spouse is hiding assets

Many spouses who begin to suspect that their partner is hiding income at first wonder if they are being a bit paranoid. If you have noticed some of the typical red flags, chances are you're onto something. As many as 7.2 million people in America have hidden accounts from their spouses or companions. Not everyone who hides assets does so in preparation for divorce, but whatever the case, you want to have accurate financial information.

Establishing paternity: Modern versus traditional legal standards

When looking at the history of family law, it is clear that the law interfered with marriage as little as possible. Generally, unmarried fathers had little -- if any -- parental rights regarding their children. As such, legislatures and courts would de-facto award paternity rights to the husbands of the child's mother, even if the man was not the biological father. Two men fighting over paternity rights would almost always result in the married man's victory.

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