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Get clear on your divorce checklist with the help of a lawyer

| Feb 2, 2017 | Divorce

One of the reasons it’s so helpful to have an attorney handle your divorce is because of all the issues that need to be addressed in the process. Lay persons who’ve never been through a divorce before usually do not have enough experience to know all the things that need to be decided.

Here is a list of some of the most important things that an attorney will handle during your divorce process:

— Asset division: How will your assets and property be divided?

— Employment status of the spouses: If only one of the spouses is employed, it could affect the way your assets and property are distributed.

— Alimony and child support: It may be legally appropriate for one spouse to provide alimony payments to the other spouse following a marital split. After determining that spousal support is required, it will then be time to estimate how much that spousal support should be and for how long. Divorcing parents will also need to answer similar questions surrounding child support.

— Child custody: It’s important to determine who will receive custody of your children. This may be decided by discussing the matter with your spouse, or a judge may need to decide on child custody if you and your spouse cannot come to agreement. It must also be determined who your children will live with and for how long.

— Questions about the family home: Spouses will need to determine who will be the one to continue living in their residence. If they are homeowners, they will also need to decide how to appropriately divide the property.

Tennessee spouses who are either considering or about to start their divorce proceedings can create a more complete checklist or “action plan” for their divorces by talking with a family law attorney. An attorney will know exactly what kinds of questions need to be asked to ensure that all the important issues are addressed in your divorce proceedings.

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