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4 topics to discuss with your lawyer

| Mar 3, 2017 | Divorce

You’ve decided to get a divorce, and now you’re talking to your divorce lawyer for the first time at a meeting in his or her Clarksville offices. The thing is, you have no idea what you’re supposed to talk about. All you know is that you want to get out of your marriage as quickly, cost-effectively and peacefully as possible. What else is there to know?

Fortunately, the average Clarksville divorce attorney will know exactly what kinds of questions to ask, and the topics to cover to ensure that your divorce proceedings move forward appropriately. Going over the following list, though, will help you get ready to talk with your lawyer, so you can answer all of his or her questions effectively.

Here are the four topics you should prepare to discuss with your lawyer:

— Your children: Be prepared to talk about child support, child custody, visitation needs, grandparent visitation, who will make decisions about your children’s life needs, education and upbringing, health and dental insurance and other important issues.

— Property division: Get ready to talk about things like how you will divide real estate property, furniture, businesses, retirement savings and benefits, vehicles, investments, debts and more.

— Spousal support: You will need to address whether you want to receive or are willing to pay spousal support.

— Miscellaneous issues: Other issues may come up when you’re talking to you lawyer. These aren’t limited to, but may include orders of protection, domestic violence histories, child abuse histories and the restoration of your maiden name.

Fortunately, a skilled family law attorney will know how to ask you pointed questions to zero in on the most important issues surrounding your divorce. Nevertheless, every spouse considering divorce is well served to try and answer these questions ahead of time, before he or she meets with his or her attorneys.

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