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3 common mistakes men make during divorce

| Jul 20, 2017 | Divorce

A divorce can quickly turn ugly, especially if you do not have a prenup. It is easy to make errors during the divorce process. With all the emotional turmoil and legal complications involved, you can make some mistakes that impact your whole life, including finances and children. Do not let your anger drive you and turn your divorce into an all-out war.

Divorce does not have to be emotionally crippling and financially devastating. Read this list of the most common mistakes men make during divorce and what you should do instead.

1. Using your kids as pawns

Your kids will have a difficult time during your divorce regardless of the details. They will suffer even more if you or the other parent begin using them as threats or asking them which parent they love more. If your soon-to-be-ex wife starts to threaten you with denied visitation, resist the urge to make threats of your own. Do your best to remain calm and collected and encourage a loving relationship with your children.

2. Hiding money

It can be tempting to try to shield your assets from your spouse. Moving money from accounts once divorce has started is risky and can result in costly penalties. Your wife may notice warning signs and utilize the legal discovery process to uncover hidden assets.

3. Embarrassing your spouse

If your divorce has not begun yet, be mindful of how you start. You might be tempted to serve your wife the divorce notice in a public venue, but this starts things off on a toxic and manipulative note. This will only make your wife more angry, which will likely prolong the divorce proceedings and cost you more money.

As a husband and father, divorce can be challenging. By avoiding these mistakes from, you can make your divorce smoother and less emotionally and financially taxing.



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