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Dads have a right to see their kids

| Jul 7, 2017 | Fathers' Rights

Many years ago, when two parents got divorced, Tennessee fathers invariably got the short end of the stick. In the vast majority of cases, the mother would receive full custody of the children. As such, the children would live with the mother full-time and the father would only receive visitation rights. Sometimes, those visitations were few and far between. Perhaps a father would only get to see his kids for a little while during the summer, every other weekend or just a couple times a month.

These days, the story is quite different. After extensive research and investigation by child and family psychologists, the consensus is clear. Children benefit immensely from spending as much time as possible with both parents. In fact, some psychologists have described children deprived of contact with their fathers as “father hungry.” The simple fact is this: Kids need to spend time with their dads, and Tennessee family law courts recognize this.

As a result of the modern way of thinking, courts are much more likely to award fathers with shared custody arrangements. In a lot of cases, when it works for the parents and the children’s schedules, the parents will share the children 50/50. As such, children may spend half of the week living with mom and half of the week living with dad.

At the Law Office of Steven C. Girsky, we help fathers assert their parental rights in Tennessee family law court. If you’re faced with the threat of losing your parental rights, our legal team is here to help you secure the time with your children that both you — and your kids –deserve.


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