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The 3 types of alimony

| Jul 28, 2017 | Spousal and Child Support

In most Tennessee divorce cases, alimony awards are temporary. However, in some situations, there is the possibility that alimony will be awarded indefinitely. In this article, we will review the three types of alimony that Tennessee family court judges may award and what these kinds of alimony entail.

Here are the three kinds of alimony you might encounter:

  • Alimony in Futuro: Alimony in futuro might not have an end date associated with it. This indefinite alimony is not often awarded to spouses in Tennessee. However, if a marriage endured for decades — and in other rare circumstances — a spouse might have the ability to receive this kind of alimony.
  • Rehabilitative Alimony: Rehabilitative alimony is temporary. As such, a judge will specify the exact time period of the alimony and how much the payments will be. Rehabilitative alimony is intended to assist an ex-spouse to complete education required to improve the spouse’s employability. In many situations, a stay-at-home parent will be able to receive rehabilitative alimony.
  • Transitional Alimony: Transitional alimony is also temporary. Unlike rehabilitative alimony, it is not intended to pay for the recipient’s educational needs. Rather, it is a temporary allotment intended to assist the recipient in paying for living expenses and other needs while the recipient is transitioning to life as a financially independent single person.

Are you going through a divorce and wondering if you will need to pay — or if you will have the right to receive — alimony? A Tennessee divorce lawyer can help you review your legal rights and options related to alimony and spousal support.


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