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The worst mistake a parent can make during a divorce

| Jul 22, 2017 | Divorce

Divorce can be a difficult and terrifying experience for anyone. When children are involved and two parents are parting ways, the stakes and fear become even higher. Not only will the parents themselves be dealing with numerous fears and worries about how the divorce could affect their children, but the children themselves will also be dealing with their own emotional difficulties. This is why, whenever a parent tries to use his or her children as pawns to get something during the divorce process, it is huge mistake in judgment — and perhaps, it’s the very worst mistake that any parent could make during a divorce.

Sometimes the parent who is serving as primary caregiver will threaten to take away access to the children, using the threat as leverage to gain more financial support. Invariably, this kind of threat will activate the worst fears that the other parent has, as no loving parent will find it easy to deal with the chances of losing contact with his or her children.

If you’re facing this kind of a threat from the other parent, it’s important to stay calm. Do not respond with more threats as most Tennessee family law courts will seek to safeguard your access to your children. Only in very rare cases — like if a parent was guilty of a violent or abusive crime — would a court choose to deny a parent access to his or her children.

Are you worried about threats from your soon-to-be ex-spouse in your divorce proceedings? A Tennessee divorce lawyer can help explain your rights relating to the threat and the facts and circumstances surrounding your divorce proceedings.

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